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We understand moving house can be stressful, so we offer all the necessary services to make your relocation Move Stress-Free, as stress-free as possible. Also for local relocation the packaging offered is normal and only the delicate items must be packed specially according to your requirements.

Our moving consultants will create a tailored plan and help you monitor your belongings throughout your move.

For larger relocations we can supply a correctly specified moving van and three or four moving professionals, depending on your requirements. We can also add additional vehicles if required. Again, charges are applied according to the additions.

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One of the most requested options is a fixed price quotation covering all of the agreed services. This gives you the comfort of knowing the total cost in advance and still provides you the option to select additional services if required.

Local Moves with PGM

  • Door-to-door
  • Flexible moving and storage solutions quality assured service
  • Fixed price quote
  • Move any day of the week
  • Reliability you can trust
  • Proven reputation
  • Superior packing materials
  • Extensive back up resources.

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