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Panya Global offers a safe, clean and secure storage option for your personal effects while in transit or long-term storage. When in our care your effects will be stored in purpose-built modules designed to enhance the security and safety of each item. We can store any kind of objects including carpets or rags and other delicate stuff in specially designed storage areas that keep the item in the best possible condition. Our dedicated storage facilities allow easy access to your goods subject to reasonable notification. This allows you to add or remove items at your convenience

Short-Term Storage Solutions

Panya Global offer short-term clean and secure storage solutions, perfect for those who need an affordable temporary solution while in transit. As part of your relocation, you’ll be assigned a moving consultant who will find a storage option that fits your needs. While in our dedicated storage modules, your items will be protected by state-of-the-art security systems and are available at any time, subject to reasonable notification. That way you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your items are safe, but available to you when need them.

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Long-Term Storage Solutions

Are you looking for a longer term storage solution to accommodate your items while you relocate? Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of storing your extra items with Panya Global. We offer secure solutions that won’t break your budget. As with our short-term storage solutions, your items will be protected for the entire duration of their stay and are accessible with reasonable notification.

Storage of Special Care Items

The highly-experienced removalists at Panya Global are specially trained to handle, pack, move, and store rugs, fine china and glassware, and other delicate items. We provide the extra care that these items need to ensure they are safe and intact while in transit or storage. From individually wrapping breakables with high-quality packaging materials to storing fragile antiques in custom-fitted crates, we will give you confidence that all of your items remain in the best possible condition with Panya.


Peace of mind, safety and securityEasy, accessible storageClean, sealed and pest proof storage environmentExcellent facilitiesStrict inventory control

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